Figure 6: (a) Normalised resistance ( Δ 𝑅 / 𝑅 𝑜 ) for ITO, hot press laminated grapheme (HPLG), and dry-transferred MWCNTs (~220 μm in length) as a function of uniaxial strain. Failure strains of human skin, cotton fibre, and individual MWCNTs are included for comparison. (b) cyclic performance of a dry-transferred MWCNT thin film (for a fixed nanotube length of 130 μm). (c) Strain (at Δ 𝑅 / 𝑅 𝑜 = 4 ) as a function of electrode separation. (d) Variation in sample resistance as a function of the radius of curvature. Insets: optical micrographs taken during a typical measurement. Note the lack of film de-binding, even under high curvature.