Journal of Nanomaterials / 2012 / Article / Fig 5

Research Article

A Simple and Efficient Method for Synthesizing Te Nanowires from CdTe Nanoparticles with EDTA as Shape Controller under Hydrothermal Condition

Figure 5

Raman scattering spectra of nanowires with (a) 0 g·L−1, (b) 0.050 g·L−1, (c) 0.10 g·L−1, (d) 0.50 g·L−1, (e) 1.0 g·L−1 and (f) 6.0 g·L−1 EDTA. (Inset: the Raman spectrum of as-prepared Te nanowires with the concentration of 0.50 g·L−1 EDTA.)