Table 1: Synthesis of MnO2 with different morphologies.


Molten salt routeNanowires
Length of several microns and diameter of 15–30 nm
Length of 500 nm–2 μm and diameter of 20–40 nm
2009 [10]
Hydrothermal methodUrchin-like nanoballsDiameter of 1 μm2010 [27]
Microemulsion methodNanodisksSize of 1-2 μm and thickness of 50–100 nm2007 [35]
Hydrothermal methodNanotubesOuter diameter of 100 nm, wall thickness of 30 nm, and length of several microns2008 [11]
Hydrothermal methodMultipodsThe legs of the multipods are 200–600 nm in width and several microns in length2006 [36]