Table 1: The raw CNTs used in the experiments.

Type of CNTs Main range of diameterLengthPurityAshSpecific surface areaAmorphous carbon

Aligned MWNTs10–30 nm5–15  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%160–200 m2/g<3%
L.MWNTs-10<10 nm5–15  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%250–500 m2/g<3%
S.MWNTs-10<10 nm1-2  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%250–500 m2/g<3%
S.MWNTs-103010–30 nm1-2  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%100–160 m2/g<3%
S.MWNTs-204020–40 nm1-2  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%70–150 m2/g<3%
S.MWNTs-406040–60 nm1-2  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%60–120 m2/g<3%
S.MWNTs-6010060–100 nm1-2  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%40–70 m2/g<3%
R.SWNTs<2 nm5–15  m≥95%≤0.2 wt%500–700 m2/g<5%

Notes: the acronym “L” is “long” and “S” is “short.” Therefore, the acronyms “L.MWNTs” and “S.MWNTs” are defined as long MWNTs and short MWNTs, respectively.