Research Article

Facile Synthesis of Nanostructured Anatase Titania with Controllable Morphology via Oxidation of TiC with Hydrogen Peroxide

Figure 5

The aging effect on the acidic solution produced by dissolution of TiC into H2O2 aqueous solution for 10 hours. (a) TEM image showing that the meshed network of entwining 2D nanosheets was changed to the meshed network of cottony hairs by the aging for 3 days. Inset is an enlarged TEM image showing the presence of many crystallized nanograins. (b) TEM image showing the formation of rice-shaped nanoparticles after the aging for 7 days. On the meshed background, some undeveloped nanoparticles are marked out by red ovals, indicating that the rice-shaped nanoparticles should evolve from aggregation of cottony hairs. Inset is an enlarged TEM image of a rice-shaped nanoparticle, revealing that the rice-shaped nanoparticle is actually constructed with many nanocrystals of size less than 5 nm. (c) HRTEM image of the rice-shaped nanoparticle (inset in (b)) and the corresponding FFT power pattern (inset). The red circles label out the nanopores.