Figure 2: (a) Oxidation and reduction response plot for the electrochromic device (ECD). The transmittance (%) at 550 nm wavelength for reduced and oxidized states is 70.36% and 45.2%, respectively. (b) Time versus transmittance response curves for the device under variable applied voltages. The transmittance values were recorded for a period of 200 seconds with reversing polarity of the electrodes. (c) Cyclic voltammetry plot for PEDOT:PSS/xylitol and PEDOT:PSS. The coloration efficiency was calculated to be in the order of 80 cm2 C−1. (d) Plot for switching time in oxidation and reduction states of the ECD (switching times were calculated for 90% change in transmittance (66.84%–47.57%) of the device with respect to the equilibrium value).