Journal of Nanomaterials / 2018 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Nanocomposite Kaolin/TiO2 as a Possible Functional Filler in Automotive Brake Pads

Table 2

AK Master braking procedure.

UnitReference padPad with KATI

char. value(1)0.480.50
char. value(1)0.410.42
40°C brake appl. 2(1)0.400.34
motorway appl. 2(1)0.450.43
char. value(1)0.430.41
min fade 1(1)0.340.37
char. value(1)0.460.43
min. temp.(1)0.350.37
char. value(1)0.450.46
min fade 2(1)0.460.38
char. value(1)0.400.41
Average pad wear(mm)0.920.41
Disc wear(g)11.611.6