In the article titled “Sulfur/gadolinium-codoped TiO2 nanoparticles for enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance” [1], spectra (d) and (g) are identical in Figure 3 of the original manuscript, as noted on PubPeer [2].

The authors clarified that XRD confirms the crystal structure of the material. Since all the materials belong to the TiO2 family, the crystal structure will remain the same, and hence, the XRD pattern of all the samples will be the same in terms of prominent or characteristic peaks.

With reference to different dopings, there may not be significant changes in the crystal structure of the material as the type of doping could not be ascertained on the basis of XRD, and hence, no change in XRD will be observed; only the crystalline properties could change slightly, and the viewgraph exemplifies the same, if the background scattering of all the samples is noted.

The XRD patterns were plotted with vertical offsets to compare the differences in each graph.

The raw data for the XRD results of Figure 3 are available as Supplementary Materials (available here).

Supplementary Materials

The raw data for the XRD results of Figure 3. (Supplementary Materials)