Research Article

Codelivery of Emodin and Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate by Anti-alpha8 Integrin-Conjugated Immunoliposomes for the Treatment of Renal Fibrosis

Figure 4

Intracellular uptake of DiI-labeled liposomal formulations in HBZY-1 cells and HK-2 cells. CLSM images for HBZY-1 cells and HK-2 cells (a). I, vs. DiI-ILPs in HBZY-1 cells; II, vs. DiI-LPs in HBZY-1 cells; III, vs. DiI-ILPs in HK-2 cells; IV, vs. DiI-LPs in HK-2 cells. Graphic demonstration of FCM analysis of HBZY-1 cells (b) and HK-2 cells (c) after 4 h-incubation. (d) Quantitative FCM histogram (, , compared to the LPs group).