Research Article

Unique Mode of Lipogenic Activation in Rat Preputial Sebocytes

Figure 1

Comparison of sebocyte differentiation induced by PPAR agonists and lipoproteins before and after pretreatment with two PPAR antagonists. Maximally effective doses of the selective PPAR agonists troglitazone (TRO), carbaprostacyclin (cPGI2), and linoleic acid (LIN) were used as indicated. HDL and LDL were used at 100 μg protein/mL. The specific PPARδ (GW742) and PPARγ (GW845) agonists were used at the doses indicated. The PPARγ antagonist GW5393 (a) and the PPAR binding pocket antagonist GW9662 (b) were added to the cells at a dose of 1 μg 2 hours prior to treatment with the PPAR agonists or lipoproteins on day 7 of primary culture. LFC determination was made on day 9 of culture after fixing and staining the cells with Oil Red O (ORO). Striped bars indicate colonies with 6–50 ORO-stained cells, and solid bars those colonies with >50 ORO-stained cells. Means +/− SEMs are presented.