Table 1: Descriptive characteristics of the included studies.

First authorYearSample sizePopulationProtocolNumber of sessions/weekDuration (months)Weight
Waist circumference (cm)Fat mass
Cholesterol (mmol/L)

Ben Ounis [13]20088ObeAdoREE4 sessions of 90 min/week2−1.9−1.8−1.7−0.21
8ObeAdoREE + diet4 sessions of 90 min/week2−11.5−12.3−1.2−0.51
Brandou [14]200314ObeAdoREE7 sessions/week during 2 weeks. Then 1/week during 6 weeks2−3.72−3.730.04
Brandou [15]20057ObeAdoREE + diet2 sessions of 35 min/week2−5.2−5.07
Dumortier [16]200328MetSynREE3 sessions of 40 min/week2−2.6−3.53−1.4
Fédou [17]200810HIVREENot precised12−0.92−0.01−0.28
Ben Ounis [18]200918ObeAdoREE4 sessions of 90 min/week2−2−2.9−2
18ObeAdoREE + diet4 sessions of 90 min/week2−6−6.9−7
Dumortier [19]200221ObeseREE3 sessions of 45 min/week20
Bordenave[20]200811T2DREE2 sessions of 45 min per week2.5−3.13
Ben Ounis [21]20099ObeAdoREE4 sessions of 90 min/week2−1.2−1.4
9ObeAdoREE + diet4 sessions of 90 min/week2−9.5−5.9
Jean [22]200628T2DREE3 sessions of 45 min/week3−1.3−3.94−0.66−0.01
Romain [23]200917PsychiatryREEnot precised3−2.9
Venables [24]20088ObeseREE5 sessions of 30 min/week with an incrementation up to 60 min/week2 × 4 weeks−0.2−0.1
Mogensen [25]200912T2DREE5 sessions of 30 min/week2.50.2−2.8
Elloumi [26]20097ObeAdoREE4 sessions of 90 min/week2−1.7−10.5−1.5
7ObeAdoREE + diet4 sessions of 90 min/week2−12.3−12.1
Ben Ounis [27]201032ObeAdoREE4 sessions of 90 min per week2−4.7−8−2.8
Maurie [28] 201139T2DREE3 sessions of 45 min/week3−2.23

ObeAdo: obese adolescent, MetSyn: metabolic syndrome, T2D: type 2 diabetes, HIV: human immunodeficiency virus, and REE: training.
Weight, waist circumference, fat mass, and cholesterol are delta values between the beginning and the end-point of the studies.