Table 3: Food intake, body weight, liver and perirenal fat tissue weight, and plasma lipid concentration in dams.


Food intake
 Pregnant period (g/19 days)
 Nursing period (g/21 days)
Final body weight (g) (on day 21 after delivery)
Liver weight (g/100 g BW)
Perirenal fat tissue weight (g/100 g BW)
Plasma lipid concentration
 Triacylglycerol (mg/mL)
 T-Cholesterol (mg/mL)

Values are mean ± SD; . Student’s t-test: significantly different at .
T-Cholesterol: total cholesterol.
Pregnancy period: from day 3 of pregnancy to delivery (on day 21 of pregnancy).
Nursing period: from delivery to weaning (pups were weaned at day 21 after birth).