Table 1: Estimated 2010-2011 average food supply and potassium composition of 46 edible Food Balance Sheet (FBS) items for Ghana.

Food categoryCommonly eaten food/product in GhanaK (mg)Kg/cap/yrK/cap/yrK/cap/day

Wheat & productsBread, wheat, white117.0017.642063.305.65
Rice (milled equivalent)Rice, white, polished, boiled (without salt)20.1032.40651.011.78
Maize &  productsMaize, white, stiff porridge (without salt)40.0027.111084.202.97
Oats, regular and quick, unenriched, cooked with water (including boiling and microwaving), without salt70.000.1610.850.03
Millet & productsMillet, whole grain, boiled (without salt)124.006.11757.022.07
Sorghum & productsSorghum, whole grain, boiled (without salt)122.008.241004.672.75
Cassava & productsa418.58230.3596417.12264.16
Potatoes &  Snack, potato chips, made from dried potatoes, plain637.000.21130.590.36
Sweet potatoesSweet potato, yellow, boiled (without salt)369.045.101880.255.15
YamsYam tuber, boiled (without salt)687.00147.48101318.76277.59
Roots, otherb313.4336.9911593.8631.76
Sugar (raw equivalent)Sugar2.0011.6023.190.06
Groundnuts (shelled eq)e723.745.974317.1311.83
Coconuts including copraf379.885.862224.176.09
Tomatoes & productsg616.0022.6613955.4838.23
Vegetables, otheri241.438.652088.335.72
Oranges, mandarinsOrange, raw121.1821.462599.927.12
Lemons, limes & j114.341.67190.950.52
Grapefruit &  k96.180.032.890.01
Apples and n101.001.03103.530.28
Pineapples and productsPineapple, pulp, raw104.650.99103.610.28
Fruits, othero151.0612.891946.395.33
Coffee &  Coffee, instant, powder3640.000.06200.200.55
Cocoa beans &Beverages, cocoa mix, powder712.003.682616.607.17
Tea Tea, infusion18.000.050.900.002
Spices, Spices, mix, ground1040.000.0552.000.14
Beverages, fermentedOvaltine beverage with skimmed milk (without sugar; fortified)204.0014.052866.207.85
PigmeatPork, meat, approx. 40% fat, boiled (without salt)230.771.04240.000.66
Bovine MeatBeef, meat, 15–20% fat, (without salt)254.001.23312.420.86
Mutton & goat meatGoat, meat, boiled (without salt)316.041.75553.081.52
Poultry meatChicken, light meat, flesh and skin, boiled (without salt)128.007.09906.882.48
Meat, otherGame meat, dried923.004.864481.1712.28
Butter, gheeCheddar82.300.107.820.02
Fats, animals, rawMargarine, fortified18.000.203.600.01
Milk excluding butterMilk, cow, canned, evaporated303.008.672627.017.20

a: cassava, tuber, boiled (without salt) & cassava, tuber, dried. b: cocoyam, tuber, boiled (without salt) & taro, tuber, boiled (without salt). c: beans, liquid from stewed kidney beans; beans, baked, home prepared; peas, edible-podded, boiled, drained, without salt; peas, edible-podded, frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt; peas, green, raw & cowpea, boiled (without salt). d: soya bean, boiled (without salt) & soya bean, combined varieties, boiled (Ghana) (without salt). e: groundnut, shelled, dried, raw & groundnut paste. f: coconut, mature kernel, fresh, raw; coconut, immature kernel, fresh, raw; coconut, kernel, dried, raw & coconut water. g: tomato, red, ripe, boiled (without salt) & tomato paste, concentrated. h: onion, raw & onion, boiled (without salt). i: cocoyam, leaves, (without salt); amaranth leaves, boiled (without salt); cabbage, raw; carrot, raw; eggplant, boiled (without salt); garlic, raw; lettuce, raw; okra fruit, boiled (without salt); peppers, chilli, raw; pepper, sweet, red, raw; pepper, sweet, red, boiled (without salt); pepper, sweet, green, raw & pepper, sweet, green, boiled (without salt). j: lemon, raw & juice, lemon, unsweetened. k: juice, grapefruit, canned, unsweetened & grapefruit, pulp, raw. l: banana, white flesh, raw & banana, yellow flesh, raw. m: plantains, cooked; plantains, green, fried; snacks, plantain chips, salted; plantain, ripe, boiled (without salt) & plantains, ripe, fried. n: sweet apple, fruit, raw; juice, apple, canned, or bottled; apple, with skin, raw & apple, without skin, raw. o: avocado, pulp, raw; mango, deep orange flesh; mango, orange flesh, raw; papaya, fruit, ripe, raw & watermelon, fruit, raw. p: beer European (4.4% alcohol); beer, millet (est. 3% alcohol) & beer, sorghum (est. 3% alcohol). q: cream, whipping, 38% fat & cream, 13% fat. r: egg, chicken, boiled (without salt) & egg, chicken, fried. s: anchovy, fillet, steamed (without salt); mackerel, grilled (without salt and fat); mudfish, grilled (without salt and fat); sardine, steamed (without salt); tilapia, grilled (without salt and fat) & tuna, grilled (without salt and fat). t: spiny lobster, mixed species, cooked, moist heat & crab, queen, cooked, moist heat. u: octopus, common, cooked, moist heat & squid, mixed species, cooked, fried. composition was sourced from USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Software v.2.6.1. and the rest were from the FAO West African Food Composition Table. The K composition is presented as mg per 100 g edible portion.