Table 4: Average requirement (AR) and reference nutrient intake (RNI) for dietary iron in women in Europe and the USA.

InstitutionReferenceAR (mg/day)RNI (mg/day)AR (mg/day)RNI (mg/day)

Age, years<50<50≥50≥50
IOM 2001[62]8.11858
FAO/WHO 2001[63]19.67.5
NNR 2012[64]101569
EFSA 2015, 2017[10, 11]716611
SACN 2017[65]14.88.7

Provided 15% iron bioavailability; IOM = Institute of Medicine (USA); FAO = Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; WHO = World Health Organization; NNR = Nordic Nutrition Recommendations; EFSA = European Food Safety Authority; SACN = Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (UK).