Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism / 2020 / Article / Tab 3

Review Article

Dietary Iron Intake in Pregnant Women in Europe: A Review of 24 Studies from 14 Countries in the Period 1991–2014

Table 3

Dietary Reference Values for iron. Reference Nutrient Intake and Average Requirement for dietary iron in pregnant women compared with nonpregnant women of reproductive age.

InstitutionDRV for iron in pregnant women mg/dayDuring pregnancyDRV for iron in nonpregnant women mg/dayReference

IOM 20012722185[50]
FAO &WHO 200119.6Iron supplement recommended19.6[56]
NNR 2012156Iron supplement recommended156[57]
EFSA 2015166166[58, 59]
SACN 201714.811.414.811.4[60]

Provided 15% bioavailability of dietary iron. DRV = Dietary Reference Value. RNI = Reference Nutrient Intake. AR = Average Requirement. IOM = Institute of Medicine (USA). FAO = Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. WHO = World Health Organization. NNR = Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. EFSA = European Food Safety Authority. SACN = Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (UK).