Table 1: Comparison of mass and specific activities for ORR and Pt electrochemical surface area of the different catalysts. All these three Pt NP/TiO2 catalysts show better mass and specific activity than those of the state-of-the-art commercial Pt/C catalyst.

CatalystMass activity at 0.9 V A/mg PtElectrochemical-specific surface area m2/gSpecific activity at 0.9 V μA/cm2 Pt

PtNP/C (E-TEK) 30 wt% Pt0.08057140
PtNP-NbTiO2 10 wt% Pt0.09240228
PtNP-NbTiO2 20 wt% Pt0.08237223
PtNP-NbTiO2 40 wt% Pt0.08247175