Figure 1: Tapping-mode AFM images of the top layer of a film obtained by slow solvent evaporation on freshly cleaved mica. (a) Image of the BPM4 specimen showing extreme regularity and very low dimension dispersion. In the inset, the 2D FFT showing distinct frequency peaks witnessing the high regularity of the hexagonal close-packed layer (FFT maxima measure an approximately 100nm distance between particles). The direct-space measurement of the closest interparticle distances on a set of particles shows a ( 1 0 8 ± 8 ) nm distance (average±standard deviation); (b) same as above on the BPM6 specimen, showing a markedly lower order in the layer (the 2D FFT, in the inset, does not show any distinct maxima). Direct-space measurements of closest interparticle distances report a ( 4 6 ± 2 5 ) nm distance, also witnessing a higher dimensional dispersion on the particle dimensions and packing; (c) same as above for the BPM10 specimen. Closest interparticle distances ( 5 4 ± 2 5 ) nm with a low order multilayer (2D FFT in the inset with no distinct maxima). The size and relative heights of the micrographs are displayed according to the attached size bar and colormap.