Table 2: Application of iron oxides nanaparticles for removal of arsenic according to the Langmuir isotherm.

Name of IONPsMethod of synthesis Size (nm) BET surface area m2/gSorption capacity of As (III) mg/gSorption capacity of As (V) mg/gReferences

-Fe2O3Chemical coprecipitation 7–12 168.7367.02 (30°C)95.37 (350°C)[61]
Fe3O4Chemical coprecipitation178.2a and 5.68b6.71a and 4.78b[62]
-Fe2O3Chemical coprecipitation121.25a and 20b4.6a and 4.9b[62]
-Fe2O3Solvent thermal51629547[63]
-Fe2O3Wet chemical 410045[64]
Magnetite (55.8%) and Maghemite (44.2%)Iron wires34122.93.05[65]

1 h contact time, b24 h contact time.