Table 2: Selected clinical trials in patients with recurrent high grade glioma

AgentPhaseDiagnosisNumber of patients and HistologyResponse RatePFS-6

Bev + Ir [5, 77]IIRecurrent MG68 (33 AG, 35 GBM)43% GBM, 59% AG
Bev versus Bev + Ir [6]IIRecurrent GBM85 GBM (Bev) Vs 82 GBM (Bev +Ir)RRR = 28% (Bev), RRR = 37% (Bev +Ir)42% (Bev) versus 50% (Bev + Ir)
Aflibercept [89]IIRecurrent MG48 (16 AG, 32 GBM)50% AG30% GBM
Cediranib [90]IIRecurrent GBM16 GBM56%
Vatalanib [91]I/IIRecurrent GBM55 GBMPR = 4%, SD = 56%
XL184 [92]IIRecurrent GBM26 GBMPR = 38%
Thalidomide [93]IIRecurrent MG39 (14 AG, 25 GBM)PR = 6%, MR = 6%, SD = 33%
Cilengitide [94]IIRecurrent GBM81 GBM16%

Abbreviations: Bev: bevacizumab, Ir: Irinotecan, PFS-6: progression free survival at 6 months, MG: malignant glioma, GBM: glioblastoma, AG: anaplastic glioma (includes anaplastic astrocytoma, anaplastic oligodendrogioma and anaplastic oligoastrocytoma), RR: response rate, RRR: radiological response rate, PR: partial response, SD: stable disease, MR: minor response, TMZ: temozolomide, and XRT: radiation.