Figure 3: Vitamin C prevents AECS/p-BQ-induced proliferation of cells. AECS/p-BQ-induced proliferation is prevented by vitamin C (40 μg/mL), as evidenced by MTT assay (a), as well as BrdU-incorporation assay (b and c). Serum-starved A549 cells (2000 cells/well) grown on 96-well tissue culture plates were either nontreated (NT) or exposed to 2 μL/mL AECS or 200 ng/mL p-BQ for 24 hr with or without vitamin C (40 μg/mL) pretreatment in serum-free medium for 15 min (a, b, and c). Data represent means ± SD for three independent experiments (* indicates significant difference, in comparison to AECS (2 μL/mL) and p-BQ (200 ng/mL), resp.).