Journal of Oncology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Integrin Inhibitors as a Therapeutic Agent for Ovarian Cancer

Table 1

Candidate integrin inhibitors for ovarian cancer treatment.

Drug nameTypeTargetPreclinical data in gynecologic cancerManufacturerRef.

Volociximab (M200)Chimeric antibodyα5β1i.p. treatment reduced tumor burden and ascites in SKOV-3ip1 ovarian cancer mouse xenografts by 83% and 97%, respectively.Protein Design Labs[20]

ATN-161Peptideα5β1i.v. (1 mg/kg) injection inhibited the outgrowth of metastases at lung, liver, or spleen in a metastasis model mouse of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell lines.Attenuon LLC[28]

Etaracizumab (MEDI-522)Humanized antibodyαvβ3i.p. treatment decreased tumor burden in the SKOV3ip1 and the HeyA8 mouse models by 36 and 49%, respectively and reduced the number of proliferating cells but not microvessel density.Medimmune[29]

Intetumumab (CNTO95)Human antibodyαvβ3 αvβ5Low doses (0.15–1.25 μg/mL) of intetumumab were effective in inhibiting adhesion and migration of 6 uterine serous papillary carcinoma cell lines in vitro. Centocor[30]

Cilengitide (EMD-121974)Peptideαvβ3 αvβ5αvβ3-integrin overexpression on SKOV3ip1 cells impaired invasion, protease expression, and colony formation in vitro. Cilengitide may have detrimental effects against ovarian cancer.Merck KGaA[26]