Journal of Oncology / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Development of a Score Predicting Survival after Palliative Reirradiation

Table 1

Patient characteristics.


Entire cohort87
Family status1
 Missing information78
Karnofsky performance status
Primary tumor site
 Lung (non-small cell)1011
 Skin (malignant melanoma)33
Dose/fractionation (intention-to-treat)
 10 fractions of 3 Gy2428
 Single fraction of 8 Gy1922
 5 fractions of 4 Gy1517
 12–15 fractions of 2.5 Gy45
Reirradiation target types
 Bone metastases6979
 Brain metastases56
 Lung metastases or primary tumor67
Known brain metastases
 One or more78
Known liver metastases
 No 6878
 One or more1922
Known lung metastases
 One or more2225
Known adrenal gland metastases
 No 7687
 One or more1113
Known bone metastases
 One or more7384
Metastatic spinal cord compression
 Yes (radiologic or symptomatic)78
Pleural effusion
 Yes (radiologic or symptomatic)67
Number of metastatic sites
 1 (e.g., lungs only)3743
 2 (e.g., lungs and brain)2731
Progressive disease outside RT target volume1
 Missing information56
Systemic cancer treatment1
 Within 4 weeks before RT2124
 Within 3 months before RT1416
 Missing information1214
Use of opioid analgetics at start of RT1
 Missing information1214
Use of steroids at start of RT1
 Missing information1720
Serum hemoglobin1
 Missing information56
Serum albumin1
 Missing information2832
Serum lactate dehydrogenase1
 Missing information3844
Serum alkaline phosphatase1
 Missing information3338
Serum creatinine1
 Missing information1113
Serum C-reactive protein1
 Elevated but less than 30 mg/L2731
 Elevated 30–60 mg/L1416
 Elevated >60 mg/L1720
 Missing information910
Thrombocyte count1
 Missing information1214
Charlson comorbidity index1
 3 or more2832
 Missing information89
Smoking status1
 Current smoker3439
 Missing information1922

RT: radiotherapy.
1Missing information in some cases.
2Hematology and blood chemistry results refer to institutional limits of normal; only test results obtained within one week before RT were considered.