Journal of Oncology / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Development of a Score Predicting Survival after Palliative Reirradiation

Table 2

Prognostic factors for survival. All baseline variables shown in Table 1 were analyzed (univariate, log-rank test). Those with value <0.1 were carried forward to multivariate Cox regression analysis and are shown here.

CharacteristicMedian survival (months)value

Karnofsky PS
Known brain metastases
 No 9.70.008n.s.
Known liver metastases
Pleural effusion
Number of metastatic sites
 Max. 29.70.054n.s.
 3 or more2.8
Progressive disease outside RT target volume
Use of opioid analgetics
Use of steroids
Serum albumin
Serum alkaline phosphatase
Serum creatinine
Serum C-reactive protein
 Elevated but less than 30 mg/L12.6
 Elevated 30–60 mg/L5.3
 Elevated >60 mg/L2.6
Thrombocyte count
Number of abnormal blood tests2
 Max. 112.7
 3 or more3.0
Smoking status
 Current smoker4.30.063n.s.
Time from first cancer diagnosis
 Shorter than median (47 months)5.30.089n.s.
 Longer than median9.7

RT: radiotherapy; PS: performance status.
1If more than 2 groups, value from log-rank test pooled over all strata.
2All tests shown in Table 1 were considered.
Significance levels were not corrected for multiple tests.