Journal of Oncology / 2015 / Article / Fig 3

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Esculetin Downregulates the Expression of AML1-ETO and C-Kit in Kasumi-1 Cell Line by Decreasing Half-Life of mRNA

Figure 3

Effect of esculetin on the expression of AML1-ETO in transfected U937 cells (a). AML1-ETO expression was analyzed in untreated U937 cells/vector, U937/AE/+ Tet/, U937/AE/− Tet/, U937/AE/− Tet/D, and U937/AE/− Tet/E 48 hours after esculetin treatment. AML1-ETO (AE), tetracycline (Tet), DMSO (D), and esculetin (E). Esculetin affects the expression of LAT1 and RUNX3 genes, targets of AML1 (a, b, and c). Kasumi-1 cells were treated with 100 μM of esculetin for 48 hours for LAT1 and 24 hours for RUNX3; mRNA expression level for both the genes was determined using quantitative real time PCR. 18SrRNA and GUSB genes were used for normalization. An increase in the expression of LAT1 and RUNX3 gene suggests increased expression of AML-1 targets. The data represents mean ± SD, compared to control.