Table 1: Scoring criteria used for chemotherapy-induced adverse events.

CTCAE grading01234

NeurotoxicityPeripheralNoneLoss of tendon reflexes or paraesthesia (including tingling) but not interfering with functionSensory alteration or paraesthesia (including tingling) interfering with function but not interfering with daily livingInterfering with daily livingDisabling
Cold-induced perioral paraesthesiaNoneMildModerateSevereDisabling
Cold-induced pharyngolaryngeal dysesthesiaNoneMildModerateSevereDisabling
Cold-induced paraesthesia in the upper extremitiesNoneMildModerateSevereDisabling
Cold-induced paraesthesia in the lower extremitiesNoneMildModerateSevereDisabling

GI toxicity (hepatic)DiarrhoeaNoneTransient <2 daysTolerable but >2 daysIntolerable requiring therapyHaemorrhagic dehydration
Nausea/vomitingNoneNauseaTransient vomitingVomiting requiring therapyIntractable vomiting
ConstipationNoneMildModerateAbdominal distentionDistention and vomiting
Oral (stomatitis)NoneSoreness/erythemaErythema, ulcers, can eat solidsUlcers, requires liquid diet onlyAlimentation not possible
Bilirubin≤1.25 × N1.26–2.5 × N2.6–5 × N5.1–10 × N>10 × N
SGOT/SGPT≤1.25 × N1.26–2.5 × N2.6–5 × N5.1–10 × N>I0 × N
Alkaline phosphatase≤1.25 × N1.26–2.5 × N2.6–5 × N5.1–10 × N>10 × N

Haematological toxicityHaemoglobin (g/100 ml)≥11.09.5–10.98.0–9.46.5–7.9<6.5
Leukocytes (1000/cmm)≥4.03.0–3.92.0–2.91.0–1.9<1.0
Granulocytes (1000/cmm)≥2.01.5–1.91.0–1.40.5–0.9<0.5
Platelets (I000/cmm)≥10075–9950–7425–49<25
HaemorrhageNonePetechiaeMild blood lossGross blood lossDebilitating blood loss

Renal toxicityBUN or blood urea≤1.25 × N1.26–2.5 × N2.6–5 × N5–10 × N>I0 × N
Creatinine≤1.25 × N1.26–2.5 × N2.6–5 x N5–10 × N>I0 × N
ProteinuriaNoneI+, <0.3 g/100 ml2-3+, 0.3–1.0 g/100 ml4+, >1.0 g/100 mlNephrotic syndrome
HeamaturiaNoneMicroscopicGrossGross + clotsObstructive uropathy

N = upper limit of the normal value; BUN = blood urea nitrogen; SGOT = serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase; SGPT = serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase; CTCAE = Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events.