Journal of Oncology / 2019 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

miR-199a-5p Represses Protective Autophagy and Overcomes Chemoresistance by Directly Targeting DRAM1 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Figure 1

Relative expression of miR-199a-5p in leukemia cell lines and AML samples. miR-199a-5p was measured by qRT-PCR in 32 relapsed/refractory AML bone marrow samples and 11 complete remission AML bone marrow samples (a) and K562 and K562/ADM cells (b) using U6 for normalization. (c) The inhibitory effect of ADM on K562 and K562/ADM cells was detected by the MTT assay. After treatment with various concentrations of ADM, growth inhibition was assessed. IC50 of K562/ADM (146.14 ± 0.079 μg/ml) was 48.7-fold than that of K562 (3.08 ± 0.056 μg/ml).