Table 3: Malnutrition screening practices.

Malnutrition screening practices% (n)a

Does your facility consistently screen for malnutrition? (n = 143)
 Yes53.1 (76)
 No46.9 (67)
Who completes the initial malnutrition screening for oncology outpatients? (n = 72)b
 Nurse58.3 (42)
 RDN25.0 (18)
 Medical technician20.8 (15)
 Patient (e.g., based on PG-SGA)16.7 (12)
 Medical doctor/oncologist6.9 (5)
 Otherc8.3 (6)
If your facility does not consistently screen for malnutrition, do any of the following interfere with malnutrition screening? (n = 64)b
 No referral process to nutrition services through electronic medical record46.9 (30)
 Little-to-no administrative support46.9 (30)
 Limited time45.3 (29)
 No identified screening tool31.3 (20)
 Little-to-no nursing support29.7 (19)
 No agreement on the screening tool to use among disciplines25.0 (16)
 Otherd26.6 (17)

aDue to incomplete data and branching logic, the total number of responses varies by question. The total number of complete responses per question is provided next to each question in-line. Percentages are based upon the number of responses out of the total number answering the question. Means and standard deviations are calculated using only complete responses. bRespondents are allowed to select more than one option, and thus, responses may not add up to 100%. cOther includes CAN or MA, combination of RN and RDN, student volunteers, and patient care navigators. dOther includes inadequate RDN staffing, poor implementation of current screening tools center-wide, unable to reimburse for services.