Figure 8: Differentially expressed miRNAs by molecular subtype breast cancer. Volcano plot demonstrating the profile of the differentially expressed miRNAs in different molecular subtypes of breast cancer. This plot demonstrates the fold change (x-axis) and the P value (y-axis). The green circles represent the miRNAs downregulated and the red circles represent the miRNAs upregulated. The black circles indicate miRNAs that were not significantly expressed. Significance was determined with a P value cutoff of 0.05 and a 1.5-fold change. Molecular subtypes in breast cancer analyzed: (a) luminal A – arrow indicates the top upregulated miRNA (miR-25-3p); (b) luminal B; (c) luminal B HER 2 positive – arrow indicates the top downregulated miRNA (miR-378d); (d) HER2-enriched; (e) triple negative.