Table 1: Clinicopathological characteristics of the cases.

CharacteristicsValue (n,%)

Age, years
Molecular subtype
  Luminal A12 (22.2%)
  Luminal B12 (22.2%)
  Luminal B HER2 positive12 (22.2%)
  Triple negative12 (22.2%)
  HER 2+6 (11.1%)
Stage, n
  Stage I21 (38.9%)
  Stage II33 (61.1%)
Tumor size (TNM)
  T130 (55.6%)
  T220 (37%)
  T34 (7.4%)
Lymph node status (TNM)
  N033 (61.1%)
  N121 (38.9%)
Histological type
  Ductal44 (81.5%)
  Others10 (18.5%)

TNM classification of malignant tumors: T describes the tumor size of primary tumor; N describes regional lymph nodes that are involved; M describes distant metastasis.