Research Article

Bupleuri Radix Prevents the Recurrences of Resected Colonic Polyps by Affecting Angiogenin-2-Induced Protein Kinase B/Akt Signaling

Figure 7

The relationship between the levels of serum bupleurosides and plasma Ang PKB/Akt. (a) Paeoniflorin and Ang. (b) Baicalin and Ang. (c) Saikosaponin A and Ang. (d) Bupleurum saponin B2 and Ang. (e) Paeoniflorin and PKB/Akt. (f) Baicalin and PKB/Akt. (g) Saikosaponin A and PKB/Akt. (h) Bupleurum saponin B2 and PKB/Akt. The serum levels of compounds were provided in BG group (Table S1) There was a strong negative relationship if rho <−0.50.