Research Article

Pan-Cancer Analysis of TLE3 Revealed Its Value in Tumor Microenvironment and Prognosis

Figure 11

(a) Available experimentally determined tle3-binding proteins obtained using the String tool. Based on the STRING tool, we obtained the available experimentally determined Tle3-binding proteins, (b) the top 100 genes associated with Tle3 in the TCGA project were obtained by the GEPIA2 method, and the expression correlation between Tle3 and the selected targeted genes, including THRAP3, SIN3A, RBM12, ARID1A, and ADNP, were analyzed, (c) the heatmap shows the detailed cancer types, (d) an intersection analysis between the Tle3-binding and correlated genes, (e) KEGG analysis based on the Tle3-binding and interacted genes, (f) GO term enrichment analysis of Tle3-binding and interacted genes in molecular function, and (g) GSEA analysis of TLE3 showing in BRCA, LIHC using LinkedOmics data.