Research Article

Pan-Cancer Analysis of TLE3 Revealed Its Value in Tumor Microenvironment and Prognosis

Figure 2

mRNA expression states and protein level of TLE3 in human tumors. (a) mRNA expression level of TLE3 in tumor and normal tissues as visualized by TIMER2. P < 0.05; P < 0.01; P < 0.001, (b) TLE3 mRNA expression level comparison in LGG (TCGA project) relative to the corresponding normal tissues (GTEx database). P < 0.05, (c) the total protein level of TLE3 in normal and tumor tissue visualized by CPTAC. P < 0.001, (d) comparison of TLE3 gene expression between normal and tumor tissues shown by immunohistochemistry images, and (e) the stage-dependent expression level of TLE3. The main pathological stages (stage I, stage II, and stage III) of OV were assessed and compared by TCGA data.