Journal of Obesity / 2010 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Validation of a Novel Physical Activity Assessment Device in Morbidly Obese Females

Table 1

Activity protocol for IDEEA monitor accuracy tests.

SequenceActivityDurationSequenceActivityDuration/step counts

1Lie2 min16Sit4 min
2Sit4 min17Lie2 min
3Recline1 min18Break5 min
4Stand4 min19Hallway walk 130 steps
5Lean1 min20Break (stand still)10 sec
6Treadmill walk 14 min21Hallway walk 230 steps
7Treadmill walk 24 min22Break (stand still)10 sec
8Treadmill walk 33 min23Ascend stairs 19 steps
9Treadmill walk 43 min24Break (stand still)10 sec
10Recline1 min25Ascend stairs 29 steps
11Stand4 min26Break (stand still)10 sec
12Lean1 min27Descend stairs 19 steps
13Treadmill walk 54 min28Break (stand still)10 sec
14Treadmill walk 64 min29Descend stairs 29 steps
15Treadmill walk 73 min30Break (stand still)10 sec

To test the accuracy of the IDEEA monitor in the detection of postures (lie, sit, recline, stand, and lean) and active gaits (walk, ascend/descend stairs), each study participant went through a series of activities wearing the IDEEA monitor and the readings were compared to that of observations by the study coordinator.