Table 1: Metabolic Syndrome criteria according to International Diabetes Federation/American Heart Association/National Institutes of Health, Heart, Lung, Blood Institute, 2009.

Three of the following:

(i) Abdominal Obesity:
Elevated waist circumference according to a population and country-specific definition.

(ii) Lipid Profile:
Triglycerides ≥150 mg/dL or treatment for elevated triglycerides.

(iii) Lipid Profile:
HDL-c <40 mg/dL in men or <50 mg/dL in women.
Or treatment for reduced HDL-c.

(iv) Blood Pressure:
≥130 mmHg on Systolic Pressure.
Or ≥85 mmHg on Diastolic Pressure.
Or on anti-hypertensive drug treatment in a patient with a history of HTA.

(v) Glycemia:
Fasting glucose ≥100 mg/dL.
Or on drug treatment for elevated glucose.