Table 3: Multiple linear regression models showing the effect estimates of the associations between perceived overweight in normal weight adolescents and their weight gain into young adulthood measured as overall adiposity (BMI) and central adiposity (WC). Adolescents with normal weight who reported psychological or physical dysfunctions at baseline and pregnancy at followup were excluded. ( 𝑛 : 1196).

𝐵 CI (95%) 𝑃

Overall weight gain (BMI)
Self-perceived overweight
 Model I0.880.4–1.3<0.001
 Model II0.660.1–1.20.011

Central weight gain (WC)
Self-perceived overweight
 Model I4.322.8–5.8<0.001
 Model II3.461.8–5.1<0.001

Model I adjusted for sex, age, and age square.
Model II: additionally adjusted for physical activity at baseline and followup, sedentary behaviour, SES, social activities and eating habits (eating breakfast, vegetables or fruits).
𝐵 : effect estimates, CI: confidence interval, 𝑃 : level of statistical significance.