Table 1: Matched pairs of food cards based in part on Kopelman et al. [37].

Number “Relatively healthy” “Relatively unhealthy”

1Sugar-free cereals (all kinds of sugar-free cereals)Sugared cereals (including chocolate or crunchy cereals)
2Water (all kinds of drinking water)Coke (all kinds of coke)
3Pasta (all types of noodle with home-made tomato sauce)Pot noodle (all types of instant pasta soups or prepared pasta)
4Cereal bar (low in sugar)Chocolate bar (whole milk chocolate)
5Roast beef (all types of fatless roast)Beef burger
6Strawberry yoghurt (all types of fruit yogurt, curd cheese, or buttermilk)Strawberry cake (all types of fruit cakes)
7Whole meal bread (all types of whole meal bread)White bread (all kinds, including ciabatta, baguette, white toast)
8Orange juice (100%) (all 100% fruit juices)Orange squash (all types of fruit squash)
9Potato (boiled or baked)French fries (also fried potatoes, hash browns)
10Orange (all types of fruits)Orange ice (all types of fruit ice popsicles/lollipops)