Table 1: Descriptive statistics of body composition in boys ( ), including absolute and relative TEM of the dependent (DXA) and independent measures (maturation, body size, and skinfolds).

RangeMeanSDTEMTEM%CI 95%

 Fat mass (kg)1.3––10.0
 Bone mineral content (kg)0.7––2.2
 Lean mass tissue (kg)17.1–72.638.–39.4
 Age (year)8–1813.72.9912.9–13.5
 PHV (year)−4.7–4.5−0.52.5−0.8–0.3
 Seating height (cm)61.5–99.582.–83.1
 Height (cm)120.3–196.8158.–159.8
 Weight (kg)20.6–119.450.–51.9
 Suprailiac skinfold (mm)2.8–64.513.310.20.352.2712.4–14.3
 Horizontal abdominal skinfold (mm)1.5–66.016.512.01.594.9615.4–17.7

TEM: absolute technical error of measurement; TEM%: relative technical error of measurement; CI: confidence interval; DXA: dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; PHV: years for peak height velocity.