Table 3: Spare time variables and accelerometer data associated with BMI-SDS.

Variables P value

PA “WE moderate activity”−0.9550.001
PA “WE active time”0.8490.003
PA “WD high activity”−0.6390.000
PA “WD low activity”−0.5740.002
PA “WD moderate activity”0.4140.016
PC (WD)0.3610.021
PC (WE)0.3550.035
TV (WE)0.2560.017

Linear multiple regression model ( = 0.71).
Excluded variables: games (weekday), homework (time/day), sports club frequency, spare time times/week, WE low activity, WE passive time, frequency sport WE, TV (WD), games (WE), WE high activity, WD active time, sports club member, leisure time activity.
PA: physical activity, WD: weekday, WE: weekend, TV: television, PC: computer, BMI-SDS: Body-Mass-Index Standard Deviation Score.