Table 2: Comparison of the top 25 overrepresented canonical immune/inflammatory pathways identified from differential methylation and expression analyses between BMS and AMS siblings.

IPA canonical pathwaysP value of diff. meth. genesP-value of Diff. Express. genes

CD28 signaling in T-helper cells 540.405
Leukocyte extravasation signaling 780.2513
Role of NFAT in cardiac hypertrophy 76NI
T-Cell receptor signaling 470.077
Dendritic cell maturation 660.109
Clathrin-mediated endocytosis signaling 740.0911
IL-8 signaling 700.0312
iCOS-iCOSL signaling in T-helper cells 480.019
Virus entry via endocytic pathways 43NI
NF-κB signaling 660.0810
Role of NFAT in regulation of the immune response 690.0212
PKCθ signaling in T lymphocytes 500.246
Macropinocytosis signaling 32NI
CCR5 signaling in macrophages 340.423
CTLA4 Signaling in Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes 40NI
B-Cell receptor signaling 580.00812
fMLP signaling in neutrophils 470.058
RAR activation 660.328
IL-1 signaling 400.275
Glucocorticoid receptor signaling 920.00519

Pathways in bold are overrepresented in both gene methylation and expression data. Abbreviations: diff. express.: differentially expressed; diff. Meth.: differentially methylated; : number; NI: not identified.