Table 3: Proposed mechanisms for an increase in prevalence of GERD symptoms afterSG.

Proposed mechanisms for increased GERD after SGReference

Hypotension of the lower esophageal sphincterBraghetto et al. [48]
Blunting of the angle of HisHimpens et al. [49]
Decreased gastric compliance and volume (leading to increased gastric pressure)yehoshua et al. [50]
Decreased gastric emptyingHimpens et al. [49], Melissas et al. [32]
Decreased plasma ghrelin (dysmotility)Nahata et al. [51]
Gastric sleeve shapeLazoura et al. [52]
Increase in hiatal herniaBaumann et al. [53]
NeofundusHimpens et al. [40]