Table 3: Values in fat mass percentage (FM%) for the method-specific percentile corresponding to BMI percentiles at BMI 25 and 30, respectively.

FM% cutoffs corresponding to BMI 25FM% cut-offs corresponding to BMI 30
Methoda/age-group<60≥60 y<60 ≥60 y<60≥60 y<60≥60 y

BIA InBodyb19.323.031.531.928.734.038.740.8

Method of measurement, based on which participants are classified in categories of obesity.
Estimation of FM% with bioimpedance device InBody (720) (Biospace, Korea).
Anthropometry-based estimation of FM%; arithmetic mean of FM% estimates according to prediction methods Deurenberg et al. [12], Gallagher et al. [15], and Larsson et al. [14].