Table 1: Perinatal women and PHCP online needs and preferences for health lifestyle information.

Perinatal mother’s online needsPrimary health care providers’ (PHCPs) online needs

(i) Factual practical information on one central website
(ii) Q&As to immediate concerns without having to wait/pay for a doctor’s appointment
(iii) Information on parent rather than child focused issues
(iv) Reassurance about normality of concerns
(v) Information on healthy diets, safe foods, and quick low-cost recipes
(vi) Tips to control their weight
(vii) Tips on safe and realistic exercise
(viii) Information for their partners
(ix) Details of support and social activities available in their local area
(i) Positive information for parents on what they can do not what they should do
(ii) Importance of adopting lifestyle changes, listing benefits to parents and child, and potential complications/risks if not adopted
(iii) Information about healthy eating options, for example, intake of sugary drinks
(iv) Outline of diets that are easy to achieve and not too expensive
(v) Role of depression and obesity and how to recognise and manage these
(vi) What foods should be given to children and in what amounts
(vii) Ways to incorporate recommendations into their busy and demanding lifestyles
(viii) Local information on what support is available and where to go for this
(ix) Links to support
(x) Monthly newsletters with links to further reading
(i) Friendly but professional writing style
(ii) Easy to read and navigate
(iii) Basic information with links to further reading
(iv) Self-assessment quizzes with relevant advice and ideas to support change
(v) Information presented according to stages of pregnancy or child development
(vi) Noninvasive followup via email, app alerts, or SMS
(vii) Forums and blogs but limited by reliability of peer information and time commitment
(i) Easy and fun to read
(ii) Information that is quick to upload
(iii) Use language, icons, animations, photos, and graphics that would attract mothers
(iv) Interactive website information