Research Article

An Anthropometric Risk Index Based on Combining Height, Weight, Waist, and Hip Measurements

Table 1

Correlations of body measures in NHANES III.


Height 10.486−0.0100.2130.0790.0740.252−0.528
Weight 0.36010.8630.8720.8210.1150.413−0.251
BMI −0.0110.91910.8760.9050.0830.4130.021
WC 0.1520.9040.90510.7910.5060.736−0.154
HC 0.2470.9330.9030.86710.0400.1730.319
ABSI 0.0590.0280.0070.3850.03010.777−0.132
WHR −0.0560.4150.4680.6990.2600.7171−0.599
HI 0.0160.0340.0310.0280.3560.030−0.4591

Correlation coefficients for body measures among NHANES III nonpregnant adults. The upper-right triangle of the table shows correlations of the raw values, while the lower-left triangle shows correlations of the scores relative to age- and sex-specific means.