Table 1: Descriptive statistics.


Interlimb volume difference (%)6.8614.12
Body mass index (kg/m2)33.915.94
Age at study entry (yrs)609
EducationHigh school or less5418.2%
Some college10234.5%
College grad or more14047.3%
Retirement status Not retired20268.2%
Hours per week of outside paid work25.8818.4
Number of people living in home31
Dependent children at home11739.5%
Cancer stage at diagnosis0237.8%
Years since cancer treatment8.085.1
Lymph nodes removedSentinel (<5 nodes)8227.7%
Axillary (≥5 nodes)21472.3%
Adjuvant radiation therapy24482.4%
Adjuvant chemotherapy24683.1%
Adjuvant hormone therapy17057.4%
Breast reconstruction11839.9%
>25% lymphedema care adherence13746.3%

Interlimb volume difference represents the volume difference in the arm affected with BCRL and the arm that does not have BCRL; larger values indicate greater BCRL severity.
Lymphedema care adherence was based on the past 3 months and calculated as “no” if the respondent was not being prescribed any treatment or used prescribed treatment less than 25% of the time and “yes” if the respondent used prescribed treatment at least 25% of the time in the past 3 months.