Journal of Obesity / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

The Role of Race and Gender in Nutrition Habits and Self-Efficacy: Results from the Young Adult Weight Loss Study

Table 2

Correlation matrix (method: Pearson correlation).

VariablePearson correlation coefficient ()
BMIHealthy eating self-efficacyExercise self-efficacyGodin leisure time scoreNutrition knowledgeTotal fiber (g)Total sodium (mg)Total saturated fatTotal vegetable servings per dayTotal fruit servings per day

Healthy eating self-efficacy0.0021.000
Exercise self-efficacy−0.0691.000
Godin leisure time score1.000
Nutrition knowledge0.0190.1700.0931.000
Total fiber (g)0.0100.0860.2360.2491.000
Total sodium (mg)0.1331.000
Total saturated fat0.0800.2481.000
Total vegetable servings per day0.0800.0910.2250.0531.000
Total fruit servings per day0.2560.1440.1230.0521.000
Total added sugars0.2570.0400.1880.032

,  , and  .