Journal of Obesity / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

The Association between Obesity and Cognitive Function in Otherwise Healthy Premenopausal Arab Women

Table 3

Correlation of cognitive parameters assessed using CANTAB with body mass index, body fat (%), and VO2 max.

Name of CANTAB test and cognitive outcomesBMI (kg/m2) rVO2 max rBody fat (%) r

Reaction Time (RTI) for attention
Five-choice accuracy score (%)−0.040.06−0.05
Five-choice movement time (ms)−0.03−0.08−0.03
Five-choice reaction time (ms)0.25−0.280.27
Simple movement time (ms)−0.03−0.08−0.14
Simple reaction time (ms)0.18−0.140.18
Delayed Match to Sample (DMS) for memory
Mean correct latency (ms)0.248−0.110.18
Mean correct latency (all delays) (ms)0.17−0.060.15
Mean correct latency (simultaneous) (ms)0.377−0.170.232
Mean correct latency (0 ms delay) (ms)0.2140.020.15
Mean correct latency (4000 ms delay) (ms)
Mean correct latency (12000 ms delay) (ms)0.01−0.130.05
Percent correct (%)−
Percent correct (all delays) (%)−
Percent correct (simultaneous) (%)0.03−0.120.01
Percent correct (0 ms delay) (%)−
Percent correct (4000 ms delay) (%)−0.130.13−0.08
Percent correct (12000 ms delay) (%)0.03−0.090.09
Spatial Span (SSP) for memory
Span length (1–9)−0.16−0.05−0.08
Total errors−0.140.02−0.13
Total usage errors0.060.150.04
Pattern Recognition Memory (PRM)
Mean correct latency (ms)0.209−0.160.229
Percent correct (%)−0.08−0.02−0.12
Stockings of Cambridge (SOC) for planning ability
Mean moves (2 moves)0.04−0.230.04
Mean moves (3 moves)−0.050.07−0.06
Mean moves (4 moves)0.060.05−0.01
Problems solved in minimum moves (0–12)

r: correlation coefficient; correlation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed). Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed). ms: milliseconds; accuracy/correct (%) ranges from 0 to 100%. Span length is a discrete value (ranging from 1 to 9): the longest sequence participant correctly recalled. SOC parameters are all discrete. Mean move for 2, 3, or 4 is the average number of moves a participant takes to solve a problem that requires only 2, 3, or 4 moves, respectively. SOC: problems solved in minimum moves out of maximum possible 12.