Journal of Obesity / 2019 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Development of a Dietary Factor Assessment Tool for Evaluating Associations between Visceral Fat Accumulation and Major Nutrients in Japanese Adults

Table 2

Factor analysis of 35 dietary habit questions in Survey 1 and Survey 2.

AppetiteHealthy food choiceSedentary behaviorCalorie restrictionIrregular mealtime

% of variance9.5475.3545.1514.7464.695
Cumulative % of variance9.54714.90020.05124.79729.492
If someone around me is eating, I end up eating with them0.763−0.0460.0590.0390.044
Even if I’m not hungry, if it smells good, I eat it0.746−0.0210.0450.0370.036
I can’t help myself from eating when fruits or snacks are out0.686−0.0940.0260.0430.010
I eat anything that people give me because otherwise I feel that it’s wasteful0.551−0.028−0.0080.0430.073
I overeat when I am depressed0.5330.0120.0420.2120.083
I don’t have a sweet tooth0.523−0.0800.0190.084−0.033
I feel uneasy if I don’t buy more than what is needed for food0.4200.0690.0840.0710.063
I like hamburgers, donuts, and potato chips0.329−0.2810.0440.0240.057
I think that I will be miserable if I don’t eat0.3190.026−0.023−0.064−0.008
I feel like I’m hungry all day0.3090.016−0.0260.1800.044
I have late night snacks0.261−0.0570.028−0.0450.261
I often have a late night meal after dinner0.245−0.0030.033−0.0410.121
I get nervous easily0.169−0.0210.0810.0180.011
I hardly chew my food at all0.128−0.1260.1450.0150.087
I think I eat faster than others0.099−0.016−0.0250.0890.023
I proactively choose foods with lots of dietary fiber0.0710.666−0.1310.248−0.103
I try to hold off on animal fats and instead get plant-based or fish fats−0.0490.653−0.0460.219−0.059
I am proactive in eating green and yellow vegetables0.0730.636−0.1450.171−0.106
I like fish more than meat−0.0740.485−0.0030.0250.007
I am cooperative0.0740.085−0.0110.0050.003
I don’t exercise much0.024−0.0380.901−0.0650.022
I think I am more out of shape than overeating0.015−0.0160.728−0.0240.021
I don’t like walking or biking0.032−0.1430.3930.0280.038
If there is an elevator or escalator I use it0.124−0.1740.313−0.0460.088
I am lazy0.210−0.1190.241−0.0160.088
I am proactive0.0020.085−0.1190.0410.005
I consciously hold back from eating too much to avoid weight gain−0.0360.167−0.0930.661−0.081
I eat less because I feel guilty about overeating0.1260.065−0.0120.639−0.021
I try to buy lower calorie foods0.0700.303−0.0330.609−0.035
I think I tend to gain weight more readily than others0.2660.0590.0530.4100.038
I am insightful−0.0350.042−0.0050.069−0.025
I often have a delayed dinner because of work0.091−0.0400.0400.0010.813
My mealtimes are irregular0.106−0.1200.0790.0180.646
I am a night owl who doesn’t do well in the morning0.081−0.1120.165−0.0310.190
I finish dinner 2 or more hours earlier than bedtime−0.0190.045−0.0130.089−0.599