Research Article

Could Obesity be a Triggering Factor for Endometrial Tubal Metaplasia to be a Precancerous Lesion?

Figure 1

(a) An immunohistochemistry panel for ETM case (case with BMI 22 kg/m2 and serum estradiol level 180 ng/ml showing glands lined with tubal-like epithelium exhibiting atypical changes pleomorphism, hyperchromasia, and high N/C ratio (H&E X 100)), (b) PAX2 strong positive nuclear expression score 3 (X 100), (c) H-TERT negative nuclear expression (X 100), (d) P16 negative expression (X 100), (e) Ki67 strong nuclear expression score 3 (X 100), and (f) P53 negative expression (X 100).