Journal of Oral Diseases / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Enamel Carious Lesion Development in Response to Sucrose and Fluoride Concentrations and to Time of Biofilm Formation: An Artificial-Mouth Study

Table 1

Counts of viable cells on biofilms (CFU/mL), IML, and LD (mean ± sd) of enamel slabs after 5 d of biofilm formation according to fluoride and sucrose concentrations.

Variables ()0.50 ppmF0.75 ppmF
3% sucrose5% sucrose3% sucrose5% sucrose

Total cells (×108)
L. casei (×108)
S. salivarius (×105)
IML (vol% ×  µm)
LD (µm)

Means followed by distinct letters differ statistically ().