Table 1: Demographic data of the study population.

Group A
Group B

IOP (mean  SD), mmHg 0.005
Age (mean  SD), y 0.216
Sex (men) (%)7 (23%)14 (39%)0.178
Eye (right) (%)15 (50%)18 (50%)0.884
No. of medication (mean  SD) 0.777
No. of previous argon laser trabeculoplasty (mean  SD) 0.203
No. of previous operations (mean  SD) 0.720
No. of glaucoma operations (mean  SD) 0.252
Pseudophakic* (%)7 (23%)5 (14%)0.310

Group A: pseudoexfoliation glaucoma; Group B: primary open angle glaucoma; SD: standard deviation; IOP: intraocular pressure.
*None of study patients were aphakic.